Beat The Heat With Screens

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Beat The Heat With Screens

Hi, all! We’re taking a bit of time away from writing new blogs to enjoy the rest of our summer. We hope you are all having an amazing summer season, as well!

Don’t worry, though! We will be back soon with brand new fun and exciting adventures!

In the meantime, we want to remind you about ways to cool off. There is no better way than to

Beat The Heat With Screens! 

Are you one of those folks who puts up with ripped or torn screens year after year? Why? It’s not necessary when Barton Glass can replace those screens quickly and easily.

You can save both money and energy if you use solar screens! Solar screens can block up to 90% of the sun’s heat without blocking all the light. You can immediately tell the difference in a room with solar screens.

Barton Glass can also replace your standard bug screens using your existing frames but it’s truly much more cost effective (only slightly higher costs) to build new ones with new screen material.

When you have your screens replaced or purchase solar screens, you can choose both the fiber and frame color to create the look you want.

Here’s a peek at the improvement in a home after new screens are installed.


glass window

Front Window: Before Screens


Beat The Heat With Screens

Front Window: After Screening

If screens have been on your To-Do list for – oh, let’s guess at least several years – now is the time for you spruce things up a bit and breathe more easily this summer. We’d love to help you.

Just call us today at 214-708-7598, or head over to our request form at! Beat The Heat With Screens today!