Cleaning Shower Glass – The Do’s and Dont’s

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Cleaning Shower Glass - The Do's and Dont's

We all know how difficult shower glass can be to clean. It seems to get dirty so quick, what gives?! It’s just soap and water that seems to find it’s way on the glass when you’re taking a shower, right? Well, no worries. Cleaning Shower Glass – The Do’s and Dont’s, is going to make this much easier for you to do correctly. Keep that new shower glass sparkling for years to come!

Cleaning Shower Glass - The Do's and Dont's

Hard water stains and soap scum is no joke! Even you have frosted shower glass, it can get a little yucky if not taken care of properly.


  • Use a non-abrasive cleaner on the glass and metal.
  • Use a squeegee or clean dry cloth, after exposure to water, to help prevent water spots
  • For hard to remove water spots, use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, on the glass only, with water or glass cleaner, to clean the spots. Be sure to keep the area damp while cleaning to prevent scratching!
  • Looking for a DIY homemade cleaner? Try using some fresh lemons or distilled white vinegar!
  • Using a microfiber cloth will also help you buff out any streaks that may remain after you are finished cleaning.
  • After each shower, wipe down shower glass and walls with a dry, microfiber cloth
  • Remember to leave bathroom doors open when the room isn’t in use. This will allow air to circulate better, which will help to prevent mildew growth!


  • Do not use acid-based cleaners or ammonia-based glass cleaners, which can harm glass shower doors
  • Do not use abrasive brushes and sponges, which may leave scratches in the glass and wear down the finish of the door’s frame
  • If in doubt, please check the label and/or contact manufacturer of your cleaning product to be sure that you can use it on your shower. This will also help you to make sure you don’t void out your warranty.

Just like that, you’re going to be able to keep your shower glass looking like a million bucks with these great tips. You’ll be sure to make them look great with daily after showers, to make sure the build up never has time to form. With regular cleaning, you will have this under control!

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