Different Bathroom Window Replacement Options

Different Bathroom Window Replacement Options
When it comes time to think about replacing windows in your bathroom, there are many Different Bathroom Window Replacement Options that you can look into. Two examples that we have recently completed at Barton Glass are below. 
Even better? Billy has a ton of experience in these items, and can walk you through the different options that you could utilize in your rooms in your home where you would prefer a little extra privacy. 

Both windows were extremely fogged and were in desperate need of getting a fresh look.  

The obscure is the “old-school” patterned glass that has been around for many, many years. It was a popular look for a long time, but with the different types of glass available now, rain glass seems to be a little bit higher on the popularity scale. 

The rain glass is one of the most  popular patterns.

Of course, the Obscure is less expensive than some of the other patterned glass, including the Rain. 

You might see Obscure glass in a framed shower enclosure, as well as, in a bathroom window.

Rain glass is used in framed, semi-frameless or frameless shower enclosures, bathroom windows, and cabinet glass.  

And you have to admit, rain glass really looks great! Hopefully these Different Bathroom Window Replacement Options will help you to see what may look best in your space!

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