Have You Been to First Monday Trade Days?

Have You Been to First Monday Trade Days?

Last year, my yard-sale-soul was craving a taste of First Monday in Canton, TX. I’d heard about it, read about it, and since JoAnne and Billy Barton lived nearby, I thought I’d go get me some of the biggest flea market in America. Have You Been to First Monday Trade Days?

This is Pat Matson, the Barton’s friend and copywriter, in case you wondered who’s talking! I conjured my sister into making the trip with me and what a joy it was! She and I are yard sale-ers out in California, so it wasn’t much of a talking-in-to to get her to go with me. We found Canton a charming town. It’s an hour’s drive east of Dallas and my friends, the Bartons, lived close by in Wills Point.

Have You Been to First Monday Trade Days?

Of course, the four of us went to First Monday together. If you didn’t know, First Monday actually begins on the Thursday of the first weekend of each month BEFORE the First Monday (a little confusing?), and the entire town of Canton participates in the event! There are sales everywhere! Some vendors sell new stuff. Some old. You can find a Collectibles section, a Gun Show, a Chili Cook-off, a Quilt Display, tons of new things too numerous to mention, and plenty of fabulous food.

Have You Been to First Monday Trade Days?You can’t drive through town either north to south or east to west without finding vendors galore. Everyone is finding a parking place and going exploring. I remember glass blowers, yard sale furniture makers, an antiques area, and so much more. If you want a copy of the First Monday Brochure, click here to discover more yourself!

Folks, there are thousands of vendors and if your yard-sale-soul craves quantity, this is the place. You will not be disappointed. And look for JoAnne and Billy while you’re there because it’s a favorite of theirs, too!

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