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Framed Showers
All framed showers have an adjustable jamb which allows us to tightly install it regardless of wall inconsistencies.

Our durable frames come in many different finishes such as chrome, brushed nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze.

Several glass options are also available, including: clear, rain, aquatex, gluechip, reeded, and satin

Frameless Showers & Partitions
If you want a more modern look, frameless shower enclosures will work the best. Frameless doors and panels make the space appear more open.

Our durable hinges and hardware come in many different finishes including chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and matte black. These are the most popular. Matte Black is the newest finish. Other, more custom finishes are also available.

The best option that we recommend is clear glass to show off your beautiful tilework.

Semi-Frameless Showers
Semi-frameless shower doors DO have some metal but not around the entire door like frameless doors. Semi-frameless uses only enough for stability and to catch the water runoff.

Our durable frames come in three popular finishes: chrome, brushed nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze

Several glass options are also available, including: clear, rain, aquatex, gluechip, reeded, and satin

Barton Glass can custom configure mirrors for any area of your home. Pictured are examples of mirrors installed in a bar and bathroom.

Mirrors can be custom fabricated to accommodate plugs and switches with mirrored cover plates to finish the custom look.

Mirrors can be beveled or have flat-polished edges.

Desk-Table Tops
Protect your timeless and valuable furniture with a custom-fitted glass top.

We can also supply a custom-fabricated patterned top for your individual requirements.

Windows & Screens

Windows are our most popular stock-in-trade expertise.

IGUs are Insulated Glass Units, also called Dual-Paned Windows. IGUs are two pieces of glass sealed together for energy efficiency. Over time, the seal fails, allowing moisture to form between the two panes, making the window appear foggy. Our insulated glass units come with a standard 5-year, or an optional 10-year warranty against seal failure.

Single pane window glass is easily replaced if cracked or broken.

Vinyl Trim Replacement -Vinyl trim damaged by hail? We can replace that.

Storm Windows – Do you have old single-pane windows that you don’t want to replace? Add storm windows for added insulation – sizes and types to match your existing windows.

Safety Glass** – Tempered glass gets its name from the heat tempering process it goes through to make it safety glass. The safety feature is that the glass breaks into small cubes rather than large shards, like regular glass. When it breaks, it may fall out and leaving nothing in the opening, requiring a covering to be placed over the opening until the glass is replaced.

Laminated glass is two pieces of glass laminated together by a layer of clear plastic that holds the glass together should one or even both sides get broken. It will remain intact until the glass is replaced.

**Federal law states that safety glass must be installed in a window that is within two feet of an entry door or in a door, such as in a sliding patio glass door.

Screens– Save money and energy with solar screens! Solar screens block up to 90% of the sun’s heat without blocking all the light. You can tell a difference immediately. Choose fiber and frame color to create the look you want. We can replace your bug screens with new screen frames and material.