Measuring for Windows and Window Screens

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Measuring for Windows and Window Screens
Billy Installs Screens

Billy Installs Screens

Windows and Screens R Us and it’s what we enjoy most in our lives and we’d love to help you get your windows and screens up to snuff. Here are some tips for Measuring for Windows and Window Screens.

Measure: Daylight opening (which is the glass width and height up to the point where it goes into the frame)

  • There is a silver spacer band in between the two panes of glass. Measure from the silver spacer across to the other silver spacer.
  • This helps determine the overall size.

Measure: From metal to metal on the outside of the window for the overall tight dimension.

  • If the outside pane has a hole big enough to put a tape measure in, measure from the inside pane to the outside edge of the outside pane to get the overall thickness.

Measure: Plastic bead (trim) around the edge of the glass

  • “Face” of the bead (overall width); then
  • The thickness of the bead –
  • For one of the most common beads, the face is ½” and the thickness 1/8”
  • What is the color of the bead?

Measuring for a screen

  • Overall width
  • Overall height

If you are able to provide this information along with photos it can be very helpful for Billy to develop a quotation for you when it comes to Measuring for Windows and Window Screens.  If you have any feeling of uncertainty, he is willing to do the measuring himself. Remember, whoever does the measuring incurs the liability, so to follow the old construction saying “Measure twice; cut once.” Give us a call at (214) 708-7598.


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