Our Personal Local Restaurant Faves!

Our Personal Faves!
Our Personal Local Restaurant Faves!

We recently posted Yelp’s top 5 list of restaurants in the area, now we want to share OUR personal top 5 restaurants in the Canton/Wills Point/Edgewood areas, in no particular order. We absolutely love to frequent our local small business restaurants!

1. Favorite Breakfast: Down Home Café     

400 St. Hwy 243 Canton, TX 75103 

This cafe has a small town atmosphere, very friendly staff, and the best breakfast! (Don’t get us wrong, though, lunch is great, too, though!) 

Best Chicken Fried Steak around! 

2. Favorite Salad Bar: Ole West Bean and Burger  

1350 S. Buffalo, Canton, TX 75103

If you’re looking for a great salad bar, this is the place you have to go. They have the best salad bar in town! 

There also have great burgers, steaks, fish and shrimp on their menu, as well. In fact, this is Billy’s go-to place for fried shrimp!

3. Authentic Mexican: Paco Domingez 

109 S. Commerce (Hwy 80), Wills Point, TX 75169

Being in Texas, we have to share what our favorite authentic Mexican restaurant is! And this one doesn’t disappoint. They have homemade, fresh, authentic Mexican food, which is absolutely yummy! 

4. Favorite variety: Lumberyard Café 

809 E. Pine St.  (Hwy 80), Edgewood, TX 75117

If you have a family who can’t seem to agree on what to eat for dinner, this may be the restaurant for you! They have a great menu of items – prepared just like you like it!  I personally love the Steak Finger Basket! Lumberyard Cafe also has another one of Billy’s favorite fish and shrimp dinners. You can never go wrong here. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well, so your options are endless!

5. And to round out our fave list: Bistro Burger 

Our Personal Local Restaurant Faves!

Hwy 80, Wills Point, TX 75169

Now this place has BIG burgers and homemade French fries! Take a look at their menu HERE!

Jeff, the owner, posts videos on their Facebook page often, and is always adding new things to the menu!  They are still small, but growing. 

Our Personal Local Restaurant Faves!

I tried and loved the ½ pound Avocado and Swiss Burger with fries, and Billy had the ½ pound jalapeno cream cheese burger and fries.  Delish!  I had to take half of mine home to enjoy the next day, which is always a great way to leave, knowing you have lunch just waiting for you the next day!

Next time, I want to try the Grilled Chicken Salad here. Could this be our favorite place so far? It is definitely high on our list and one of the first places we head to when we are ready for a bite out. 

We hope you enjoyed this and if you’re ever able to, take a minute to eat at any of these amazing local restaurants. You won’t be disappointed! 

In the meantime, if you have any glass needs for yourself or your business, call us today at 214 708 7598. Enjoy!