Our Story

Billy’s career began in 1978 as a helper, learning all phases of glass and glazing – Residential and Commercial/Industrial. The only thing that he was responsible for in the beginning was NOT to break glass. Billy’s coworkers started calling him “Crash” because during his first year, he did break a lot of glass.  Luckily, he had a very patient teacher who taught him about cutting glass and installation, and the rest came with experience.

After about two years as helper, he was promoted to glazer and found a specialty in “pattern glass” for cranes and locomotives for customers such as U.S. Steel and Exxon Chemical.

When not doing the industrial jobs, he gravitated to and gained experience in residential glazing where he honed his skills at window “reglazes” (single- and double-pane/insulated unit replacement), and learned the “art” of installing shower and tub enclosures, and custom cut mirrors, just to name a few.

Billy opened Barton Glass in 2011 because he wanted the freedom to be his own boss and carry out his commitment to offering quality products and exceptional service at affordable prices to all of their customers.

Billy says:  “Some of our customers have become friends as a result of utilizing our help when it was needed.”

Billy introduces his business and customer service philosophy:

“Members of the Barton Glass family are myself, my wife, JoAnne, our pups, Kirby, Sealey, Meg, Betty Lou, and Rose.

Here is our customer service philosophy –

We want our customers to know that they are the heart and soul of our business, and we like to get to know them, how we can help them, and how we might be of service in the future.

We want our customers to know that we are giving their request our full attention! That we will work for a resolution for a problem quickly.

We want our customers to know that if they require fixes, ours will be permanent.  It’s not something temporary or a work-around.

We want our customers to know that we will be professional and courteous.

We want our customers to know that we will communicate with them regarding their appointment, their materials, and their problem resolution.

We are dissatisfied until and unless the customer is 100% satisfied.

We want for all of our customers to feel they have been treated well.

We appreciate when we encounter great Customer Service out there and we know how good it feels when we get it. We want our customers to feel good too.