Rose, Our Family’s Newest Addition

Rose, Our Family’s Newest Addition

The contributions of the Customer Service staff here at Barton Glass deserve mention on occasion! Because November is the month for giving thanks, we’re shining the light this week on Rose, our Chief Security Specialist. Here’s her picture:

Rose came to us out of the blue. Well, to be honest, we think she came out of the back of someone’s truck. Dumped. Abandonment didn’t have time to settle inside her though, because she caught sight of the other members of our Customer Service family (Kirby, Sealey, Meg, and Betty Lou) and it was their barking that alerted us to this new girl in town, running outside the front fence.

Rose, Our Family’s Newest Addition

When Billy saw her at the gate looking all cute, he just had to let her in. It’s a hard thing to know an animal has been abandoned if you have half a heart, and Billy surely does. He let her in the main gate and she settled right in. Of course, we had to keep her from the rest of the dogs until we could take her to our vet to check for a chip and to get her shots (we tried, for several days, to come up with a great name for her. She came to any name called out, even though it was the other pup’s names.) So we tried the first name; we came up with, for a few days, and discovered that it really didn’t fit. We came up with Rose, because she is a beautiful flower, and affectionately, we’ve turned that into Rosie.

It was kind of funny seeing Billy letting the rest of the herd out the back door and me letting Rosie in the front door! That first week was too much fun! We also contacted our favorite rescue in Arlington – CLASP. Although they tried and we tried to find Rosie a new home, it wasn’t in the cards, so when Billy said we could keep her, I called my contact at CLASP and said we’d keep her with us and that I must have SUCKER written across my forehead. “No,” she said. “You have ANGEL written there.”

Rosie and Betty Lou are the biggest in our pack and they love chasing one another and wrestling, too. I’ve caught them on the couch snuggling, but the minute I go for my camera, they’re gone in a flash.

Rosie doesn’t have to worry about anything anymore. She’s got a new home with us and her two brothers and her two sisters, and takes her new job and title Chief Security Specialist for Barton Glass very seriously.

Welcome Home, Rose! We love you!