The Small Business Advantage

Big Box companies have lost the personal touch that their customers used to get when these companies weren’t so big. This is one reason why you see them closing their doors at a very alarming rate, I might add.  

Big businesses don’t want to take the time to get to know you or hear your concerns, or make changes when they see a curve in the road ahead.   

A small and local business can see that and recognize that family, friends, and community are what’s really important.   

Have you ever wondered, while driving down a country road, what folk’s lives must be like in the cozy farm houses and homesteads that you pass? Well, in my business, I get to know and visit with some of you.   

When I get a new customer, I know I’ve just made a new friend – a friend who has life stories and lessons to share, and I enjoy hearing those stories, and I feel very blessed, because that’s exactly what I get to do. 

Because I get to know you personally, I can bring to life what you’ve envisioned and provide that personal touch.  

So call me when you’re ready.  I’m happy to be of service, friend.   

Of course, every man knows that he’s nothing without the love and support of a good woman. All my love and thanks to you, JoAnne, for all you do. You are my reason why!

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