Window Glass Replacement

If you have cracked, fogged, or broken windows, we can replace the glass so you can enjoy the view again. Let us help you with your window glass replacement needs. Call 214-708-7598 or click here for a FREE quote.

Services include:

  •  Replace cracked/broken single pane window glass
  •  Replace Dual-Pane Windows – These windows are two pieces of glass sealed together for energy efficiency. Over time, the seal fails, allowing moisture to form between the two panes, making the window appear foggy. Our insulated glass units come with a standard 5-year, or an optional 10-year warranty against seal failure.
  • Add Storm Windows– If you have single-pane windows, a less expensive alternative is adding storm windows for added insulation.  Storm windows come in sizes and types to match your existing windows.
  • Replace Tempered (Safety Glass) ** – Tempered glass gets its name from the heat tempering process it goes through to make it safety glass. The safety feature is that the glass breaks into small cubes rather than large shards, like regular glass. When it breaks, it may fall out and leaving nothing in the opening, requiring a covering to be placed over the opening until the glass is replaced.
  • Replace Laminated Glass – Laminated glass is two pieces of glass laminated together by a layer of clear plastic that holds the glass together should one or even both sides get broken. It will remain intact until the glass is replaced.

**Federal law states that safety glass must be installed in a window that is within two feet of an entry door or in a door, such as in a sliding patio glass door.

Barton Glass Co. Window Glass Replacement & Repair

Customer wanted to replace Low-E with clear glass. They were very happy with the results.

Customer Comments

Billy, I just wanted to say “Thank you”. You did an excellent job on the broken window. Looks like the originally installed window. Thanks again!

Danny C., Grand Prairie, Texas

We had a cracked window that needed to be replaced. Barton Glass provided a clear description of what needed to be done as well as an accurate estimate. Work was done on time and as promised. Would definitely recommend.

Dale Warner

Billy did an excellent job replacing 13 windows in my home. He even was able to replace an irregular shaped pane of glass on one of my custom built cut glass windows without having to replace the whole window. Most importantly, my nit-picky husband was very pleased with his work. We will definitely use him again.

Sylvia McCormick,

LOVE the bathroom window you put in my house!!!

Sarah K, Dallas, Texas

If anyone needs to have windows replaced, we just used this company – Barton Glass – they are great, very professional and great price.

G. Horton, Carrollton, Texas

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