Window Cleaning

In addition to bringing window glass, solar screens, shower enclosures, mirrors and desk/table tops, we have added window cleaning to our list of residential services.

Several of our customers have asked if we provide this service. Yes we do! We agreed that it would be a great addition to our current list of options in order to provide another level of customer service.

We have two cleaning options which are explained below.

PREMIUM – Exterior Only

Thorough cleaning of exterior window glass; brush/wipe accessible tracks and sills.

PREMIUM PLUS – Exterior & Interior

Thorough cleaning of both exterior and interior window glass; brush/wipe tracks and sills.

Complete the quote form below, then take photos of your windows and email or text them to us at (214) 708-7598

$150 minimum. Trip charge may apply.

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*Some windows count as more than 1.

Optional services:

Screens/Solar Screens:

  • Dry brush/wipe frames
  • Soapy scrub/rinse, wipe frames
  • Damaged screens are brought to the attention of the customer, and not cleaned.

Storm Windows

  • Storm windows calculated on a case-by-case basis – may count as 4 windows.

Additional charges may apply for the following:

Removing Hard Water Stains

  • Not all hard water stains can be removed; may have etched into glass
  • Fogged windows cannot be completely cleaned because of the fogging being between the panes.

Removing dried paint

  • May not be able to remove all paint

Preparing for Service

For Interior window cleaning, we request the following to allow access to windows:

  • All décor/breakables/computer and peripherals be moved
  • Curtains removed or secured open
  • Blinds removed or secured open
  • Furniture moved from in front of the windows

For Exterior window cleaning, we request the following to allow access to windows:

  • That shrubbery is trimmed and other obstructions be removed prior to date of service.
  • Any areas where obstructions have not been removed, we will not clean that area.

For window cleaning only, (no screens cleaned):

  • All screens/solar screens must be removed and replaced by customer


  • If you wish to cancel or reschedule, we ask that you provide us with at least 24 hour notice.
  • We may reschedule due to weather or unsafe working conditions.